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Order Lunches

Use the button below to visit Christian Catering Company’s website and create and account for ordering your child’s lunches.

Click the link below to view this month’s Lunch Menu.

JBMA Menu August 2020

Below is a letter from the Christian Catering Company that offers instructions for creating your account!

JBMA School Lunch Intro Letter


For the upcoming school year we have a change in how students will purchase lunches.  We have chosen to work with a local company, Christian Catering Company, to provide nutritious meals for our students.  Attached is a letter detailing the new service, the procedures for creating an online account and a description of how to order lunches for your child.  Please setup your account and add your child.  I setup an account for myself and it takes little time.  The menu should be available starting the week of July 22nd.  You will need to wait until then to place your first order.
To purchase lunches, you will need to setup an online account.  Visit to setup your account.  I would advise you to do this as soon as possible.  The procedure is simple and does not require a large time commitment.  We will also link this site to our website.  We are in the process of sending out class placements.  If you setup your account before knowing your child’s placement, simply put “unknown” as the teacher.  You can go back later and update this once you know the information.
Lunches will cost $3.85 and milk or bottled water will cost $0.60.  Additional items will be available for purchase.  It is suggested that you place your order for the entire month.  Ordering will close during the current month for the next month.  No procedure is currently in place for a parent to purchase a lunch for the same day.
You will pay for lunches online.  The school cannot accept payment for lunches.  There is a procedure detailed in the letter if your child is absent on a day you have purchased a lunch.  All credits will be issued by Christian Catering Company.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Anthony Marino
Head of School
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