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A Visit From An Astronaut!

A Visit From an Astronaut!

Colonel Raja Chari visited the JBMA K-8th grade levels on a virtual skype session today. The skype started off with an overview of his life where he told us about his career and accomplishments. After the overview of his life, we moved into the Q&A section in which the few selected questions were asked and he would give us extremely detailed answers. Many of us found his story interesting. Here are some of things that Colonel Raja Chari has accomplished:

– Raja Chari is one of the 12 graduates of the Artemis Program. The Artemis Programs main goal is to inhabit the Moon and Mars. In his life before becoming an astronaut, Raja was a fighter jet pilot.
– He has been deployed in Iraq, and engaged with an enemy while he was in the Air Force.
– Later in his career he became a test pilot for the new F-35.
– Raja graduated from the Air Force Academy with a bachelors degree and he graduated MIT with a Masters degree.

It was a really cool experience to get to talk with a real NASA Astronaut!

(Sebastian Bermudez, 7th Grade)

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