Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Viewing at JBMA

Monday’s Solar Eclipse was a very exciting event for JBMA! We were able to provide all of our elementary students and faculty/staff with NASA certified solar viewing glasses, and with them students got to watch all the phases of the moon’s shadow over the sun.

Our middle school students took consistent observations of the wildlife and temperature as the eclipse was occurring. They found that the outside temperature did drop, and birds seemed to be less audible and visible, while evening insects became more active. They enjoyed lounging in the front yard of the middle school and discussed all they experienced.

Our Upper Elementary was able to observe the moon covering the sun at different points throughout the day as well! They discussed the work of Nasa, and the path of totality where the eclipse would be fully visible. They discussed eye safety, and enjoyed a very neat experience!

Our Lower Elementary followed the broadcast of NASA’s coverage of the Eclipse, and used the event to discuss the rotation of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. They were able to view the eclipse outside in small groups, and their cheers and laughs could be heard campus wide.

What a neat experience to witness a celestial event such as a solar eclipse! We are already looking forward to the next one in 2024!