JBMA’s Garden Update!

The JBMA Garden is blooming! We’ve been so excited to have students back and getting their hands in the dirt!

Our middle school has been working about 2 hours each week in the garden. They currently have about 2,000 seeds of basil, oregano, cilantro, and parsley budding on our lighted shelves in our growing room. Students have been responsible for watering all of our seed trays each day and making sure to check for pests and soil issues. The middle school has also been working on the schoolwide effort to clear the garden rows for upcoming plantings. This fall we are hoping to plant multiple herbs in the rows to grow production level plants for our Garden Microeconomy.

Upper Elementary has also been involved in the Garden this school year helping Ms. Kim create compost trays for seed germination and planting. They have also helped in clearing out the rows and raised beds in the garden for the coming seasons! Below is a short video that shows our Upper El students helping with soil preparation!

As always, our flower arrangements are still thriving, and we have had so many compliments on the work Ms. Kim does with our Flower Program. For more information on how you can sign up for a weekly floral arrangement subscription, visit our Garden Page to download the form!