At Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy, we offer a wide variety of after school activities to enhance our student’s learning. We believe that encouraging students to explore their interests leads to positive self concept and engaged learning. Below is a list of the extracurricular activities that we offer here at Bruno. Each of the activities provides contact information if your student is interested in participating.

Ages 2-6
Birmingham Happy Feet
(301) 606-8708

1st – 8th Grades
Birmingham United Soccer Association (BUSA)
(205) 977-9038

4-5 Year Olds
1st-3rd Grade
4-8th Grade (Registration listed at 4th-6th)

Aces and Birdies
Phone: 205-253-4791

5 years – 8th Grade
Will take as young as 3 with parent involvement
Kris Handler
(205) 733-0550
(205) 213-1994

5 years – 8th Grades
Beverly Mabry
(205) 685-5856

1st – 8th Grades
Ms. Cheryl
(205) 823-7658

1st – 8th Grades
Caroline and Sam Nordlund

The Knight School
(205) 746-4952

April Moate and Tiffany Taylor
(205) 908-9430

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Preschool Summer Programs 2019

Summer Programs 2019

Kayla and Christina Art